AbsoluT for precise on-site temperature calibration

The new revised AbsoluT provides a more precise simulated temperature for on-site temperature calibration of LayTecs EpiTT and EpiCurve® TT. With its noise level of 0.05 K and a stability of 1.25 K / 1000 h it is about 10 times more accurate than the old AbsoluT. Together with ist improved precision it has a reduced heating-up time and temperature stabilization of only one minute. In combination with the new designed battery the overall runtime is expanded to a minimum of 8 hours. 

LayTec offers the ultimate temperature calibration tools for its in-situ metrology systems: AbsoluT (for EpiTT/EpiCurve®TT) and Absolut 400 (for Pyro 400). These small handheld devices provide a reference intensity that equals a known pre-calibrated temperature (around 900°C for EpiTT/EpiCurve®TT and 950-1000°C for Pyro 400), which is used for temperature calibration through the original viewport with unrivaled accuracy (ring-to-ring, reactor-to-reactor and run-to-run calibration). It can be applied directly in the MOCVD chamber without any modification of the in-situ tool or MOCVD equipment.


AbsoluT and AbsoluT 400 correct all temperature variations caused by adjustment, window coating or manufacturing tolerances of the equipment, such as viewport diameters. Furthermore, these easy-to-use calibration tools significantly reduce downtime and maintenance cycles.


LayTec’s patented AbsoluT technology currently keeps wafers at the absolute temperature scale of the National Metrology Institute of Germany (German name: Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt - PTB). With this convenient handheld device, the user can quickly set up exactly the same absolute temperature reference point for pyrometry measurements on different rings and in different reactors and runs. With AbsoluT, ring-to-ring, reactor-to-reactor and run-to-run calibration can be done quickly and directly on-site.###NOHIDE###


For GaN epitaxy on sapphire and SiC, only UV pyrometry can sense the wafer temperature. Therefore, our latest development Pyro 400 comes to the market with a brand-new calibration tool: AbsoluT 400. ...more


LayTec offers recalibration services for both AbsoluT 950 and AbsoluT 400. Recalibration is recommended every 12 month for keeping the calibration tools within ±0.5 K to the  temperature scale of the National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB). Recalibration on customer site is possible and takes just a few minutes. Alternatively, customers can ship-in their AbsoluT units to LayTec for  recalibration. For more information please contact support@laytec.de.###NOHIDE###


LayTec's user reported about fast and easy temperature calibration of heating zones of a showerhead reactor. Using AbsoluT for calibration of e.g. EpiTriple TT on 3 different viewports helps enormously to grow uniform buffer and MQW structures. You can find the report in our newsletter


AbsoluT benefits:

  • Exact absolute growth temperature calibration
  • Stability & accuracy of LED growth temperature
  • Precise GaN buffer and quantum wells (MQW) temperature measurement
  • Stable MQW growth temperature for many production cycles