Run-to-run control (R2R)

The goal run-to-run control is to ensure and improve run-to-run reproducibility. Results of the analysis of the last run can be used to modify the recipe for the next run in order to correct for drifts.


On AIXTRON MOCVD systems, a “feed-forward control” concept within AIXact is available that provides run-to-run control of the pocket or wafer temperature. LayTec's in-situ metrology systems EpiTT, EpiCurve® TT or Pyro 400 can be used to provide temperature data during an “evaluation step” defined in the recipe. Based on the averaged temperature signal during this evaluation step, a comparison of the actual temperature to a pre-defined spec value is performed. In the case of deviations, all subsequent temperature setpoints in the recipe are corrected.

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