For labs and fabs

LayTec’s off-line equipment will save your time and money when used at-line in production or in your lab for quick and reliable estimation and quantification of certain product properties. Our lab-line tools are used for fast process optimization as well as  for tests and product certification. We offer lab-line tools for the following applications:

EpiX Mapping stations combine an XY-mapping stage with LayTec spectroscopic reflectance and photoluminescence metrology systems for a comprehensive 2D analysis of optical wafer properties by non-contact measurements. more



X Link® is the best tool available on the market for accurate evaluation of the level of EVA or polyolefin cross-linking immediately after lamination of solar modules. The off-line version of X Link® is specifically designed for lab applications, manually handled production lines, R&D labs and pilot lines. The tool provides non-destructive tests of full-size production-type modules with or without ###NOHIDE###frames. …more