Perovskites are manufactured by a variety of processes such as thermal evaporation in vacuum or spin coating. Typically, in the latter case, subsequent thermal annealing under inert gas atmosphere is also applied. Similarly, CIGS growth is a complex multi-step process based on co-evaporation or sputtering and selenization. InspiRe is well-suited for monitoring such complex and rapid growth and phase formation processes due to its rapid acquisition rates in the millisecond range.

InspiRe is available for various wavelength ranges in the VIS and NIR depending on materials and process requirements. Multi-head versions of InspiRe are available on request. As all of LayTec’s in-situ metrology tools it can be interfaced to the control computer of the coating system as well as to a manufacturing execution system (MES) by using TCP / IP or other well-established interfaces.


  • Monitoring of rapidly changing liquid solution films during perovskite spin coating
  • Providing real-time reflectance information during perovskite annealing revealing phase or surface transformations including visualization of growth rates, surface roughness and absorption edges
  • Optimization of coating and annealing times for other complex and / or multi-component materials
  • Monitoring of co-evaporation or sputtering processes for CIGS or TCO materials in vacuum chambers