Atomic Layer Deposition processes (ALD)

Over the last few years, Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) has become a common process in the production of microelectronic devices to deposit high-k (high permittivity) gate oxides, barrier and seed layers. In photovoltaics, ALD is applied for buffer layers and backside passivation. Due to the complexity of the process development, process monitoring and control are crucial in order to accelerate development cycles, reduce costs and understand the interaction of numerous process parameters.

During Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), in-situ tools are used for film thickness and etching control, film stack analysis and temperature homogeneity.LayTec in-situ tools are applied in ALD reactors for:

• Film thickness monitoring
• Etching control
• Film stack analysis grading
• Monitoring of temperature homogeneity
LayTec’s EpiTT in-situ metrology systems are already successfully applied in spatial ALD processes for solar cell applications and in ALD manufacturing of multi-layer dielectrics for next-generation flash memories. For more details, contact our sales engineers at or +49 (0)30 89 00 55-0 to request our presentation on ALD in-situ metrology application.

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