VCSEL Ads-On to EpiTT und EpiCurve TT

LayTec可根据客户要求,充分利用Gen3原位平台的模块化概念定制并拓展VCSEL外延的原位测量性能。. ...more


LayTec‘s EpiTT FaceT for GaAs laser facet coating is an in-situ spectroscopic metrology tool especially designed for accurate temperature measurement during MBE passivation of GaAs laser facets in conjunction with real-time sensing of the passivation layer thickness.
The laser stack temperature can be determined both during cleaning and passivation in a range from room temperature up to 400 °C.
EpiTT FaceT facilitates the real-time determination of the passivation layer thickness in a typical range from 0 - 30 nm.