Integrated metrology for sputter deposition

Sputtering is the method of choice for depositing thin films on a variety of rigid or flexible substrates across large areas at high speed. Today, the thin-film deposition requirements of many industries challenge the accuracy and homogeneity of even the best sputter equipment. Our applications employ in-line, real-time monitoring of the deposited layers to stay within tight target windows and provide 100% quality assurance.

LayTec metrology systems can be integrated in almost every sputter deposition system for precise control of thickness, composition and conductivity.

LayTec offers a variety of multi-head in-line measurement systems for sputter applications to monitor layer thickness, composition and conductivity distribution over large areas. LayTec has developed customized analysis routines for simple thickness analysis. Our solutions enable fast detection of deviations and automated feedback of the measurement results to counter drift effects. Find out more on the product pages: SolR® and EddyCus® TF inline.

LayTec in-situ tools integrated in Evatec sputter deposition systems are used for stress management of metal multiple layers deposited for optoelectronics.In a close OEM cooperation with Evatec, a leading supplier of thin film deposition systems to semiconductor and optics industries, we are transferring the wide-reaching experience LayTec has gathered in the field of MOCVDto sputter applications. LayTec’s metrology tool EpiCurve® TT is successfully applied on Evatec sputter systems for stress management of metal multi-layers for optoelectronics. EpiCurve® TT enables strain-engineering of the multi-layer structures by real-time tuning of the sputter parameters. The results were presented at CS International Conference in March 2013. Learn more in our Press Release

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