In-situ metrology 

In-situ is a Latin phrase that translates literally to “in position”. Used in the context of process monitoring, it means that in-situ tools observe in real-time the formation of the thin film throughout the thin film deposition process. LayTec’s in-situ metrology enables the development of new thin-film processes, materials and structures. In established processes, it is a must for high yields and maximum uptimes. LayTec’s in-situ monitoring solutions are the most advanced on the market today. Our systems cover a complete range of thin-film applications, providing access to all significant thin film growth parameters.

EpiTT family of products includes EpiTT, EpiTwin TT and EpiTriple TT. These in-situ metrology tools combine emissivity corrected pyrometry for true wafer temperature and  measurements of reflectance at three wavelengths for real-time growth rate, layer thickness, roughness and other layer qualities   ... more


The EpiCurve® TT family of products combines wafer curvature measurements with all the features of EpiTT. EpiCurve® TT, EpiCurve®Twin TT and EpiCurve®Triple TT are used for strained layer stacks and help avoid cracks, achieve flat wafers and control temperature homogeneity.   ... more


Pyro 400  provide precise real surface temperature measurements of GaN on sapphire and of SiC, and enable direct growth control of InGaN MQW layers. ... more


EpiRAS® TT is used for cubic semiconductors for III-V surface and interface analysis in the R&D stage. The in-situ system provides data on wafer temperature, growth rate, color-plot (RAS/sR) fingerprints, composition, morphology and doping levels. ... more


In-situ benefits

  • Understanding and optimization of the deposition process
  • Fast development cycles
  • Identification of process deviations at their root cause
  • Prediction and control of final device properties
  • Identification of defect wafers that should not be further processed
  • In-situ methods increase knowledge
  • In-situ tools save money