Service portfolio

LayTec‘s services include:

  • Emergency service with response times within a few hours
  • Free online support during the warranty period
  • Spare parts available worldwide from stocks in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, the U.S. and Germany
  • Quick replacement of parts and on-site repair visits within a few days
  • Fast module exchange for minimum downtime of the customer’s system
  • Advanced data analysis support on demand
  • Preventive maintenance
  • On-site calibration service
  • Multi-level training
  • Service contracts

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Support news

  • As a response to recent travel and distancing restrictions, LayTec now offers an extended range of remote support possibilities for its customers, as we strive to safely provide engineering services. LayTec is also mindful of the varying IT security requirements of each of our customers. In order to comply with the various security regulations of each individual customer, we’re also open to broadening the range of platforms via which we deliver our services.
  • Due to the licence policy of Microsoft Corporation, LayTec is forced to stop all shipments of systems and components requiring Windows XP. As a consequence, all EpiNet 1 (as-is) and EpiSense (as-is) sales are stopped by 30.09.2016. Metrology systems ordered after that date will be delivered with EpiNet 2 software or subsequent releases. These product discontinuations have no influence on your current amount of service or support. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Should you have any questions, please contact LayTec directly via or call your local LayTec representative.
  • As of 01.01.2014 our supplier discontinued the halogen lamp integrated in our halogen-based light sources (LSH). The LS-LED light sources are our current standard and we suggest to update your system to this configuration. The discontinued parts and suggested replacement parts are listed here  (please log in).