In-line metrology for thin-film displays

Large area thin-film displays typically consist of two major components: the a-Si thin-film transistor array deposited on glass and the color filter front glass. Additional antireflective coatings are applied to the front glass to prevent reflections on the display. Controlling layer deposition and homogeneity right down to the nanometer is crucial for state-of-the art display manufacturing.

Solutions for functional layers

LayTec’s in-line monitoring systems are capable of measuring layer thickness uniformity of a-Si, SiNx, SiO, and ITO with nanometer accuracy. Multi-channel high-speed measurement with multi-head metrology enables 100% coverage of every panel. This allows for fast process optimization, real-time fault detection and monitoring of chamber degradations. Mean Time Before Cleaning (MTBC) can be greatly improved by real-time monitoring of drifts and center-to-edge uniformity for the layers deposited. Furthermore, our EddY system enables in-line profiling of the Indium tin oxide (ITO) conductivity and layer thickness of the metal layers as well. Please contact to learn more about in-line inspection for displays.

Solutions for color filter (CF) front glass

LayTec’s in-line optical reflectance and transmittance measurement systems enable full quality assurance of anti-reflective coatings and color filter arrays. The results can then be intelligently compared against reference spectra and in-spec/out-spec controls.
The high flexibility of our modular in-line metrology systems enables us to create exactly the right individualized solution for your application. Please send your request to