Integrated metrology: Product overview

LayTec product portfolio covers all areas of process monitoring and control and offers all required solutions for process control from one source: in-situ, in-line, lab-line and map-line metrology. This enables complete integration and smooth communication of the metrology components with each other and with the process equipment. We make it easy to keep an eye and to control the quality at every step of the production process. Our modular technology platform offers the best-in-class metrology solution for your specific needs:

In-situ metrology systems are atached to deposition systems on one or several view ports and observe in real-time the formation of the thin film throughout the thin film deposition process.   ... more


In-line metrology systems are integrated into production lines for comprehensive process control during substrate transfer between deposition chambers.   ... more


LayTec's lab-line tools are used in labs or in at-line production for quality assessment, testing and certification, in particular by PV module manufacturers. ...more


We develop OEM metrology solutions together with thin-film equipment manufacturers to guarantee the best metrology performance, full integration and compatibility with the equipment as well as an extensive technical support. … more