In-line metrology 

In-line metrology means fast, automated, reliable and non-destructive measurements that are fully integrated into a production line for comprehensive process control. LayTec’s in-line metrology systems are applied in the photovoltaics, OLED/OPV, display, touch panel and glass coating industries. Typically, our in-line metrology applies multi-optical head configuration with extremely high data acquisition. These metrology systems are integrated into the transfer systems between the processing steps. Our gold standard is 100% monitoring coverage of the thin film devices with zero delay of the manufacturing process. We offer the following in-line metrology systems:

ILMetro stations combine up to five LayTec in-line metrology systems for a comprehensive control of industrial thin-film production processes by non-contact measurements. Each station can be customized to specific requirements and hence usually comprises a different combination of metrology systems.



X Link®: Evaluation of cross-linking degree of encapsulants like ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyolefins after lamination of solar modules. ... more


PearL: Monitoring of the quality of absorber layers in CIGS-based production lines: band gap, electronic defects and the related composition of materials, e.g. the Ga/Ga+In ratio and Cu content of CIGS solar cells. Monitoring of CdTe absorbers is also possible. ... more


EddyCUS® TF inline: Conductivity/sheet resistance analysis of all conductive thin films. ... more


Flames - Measurement system for functional layers ...more