Versatile in-situ metrology for optoelectronics

LayTec is the market leader for  in-situ metrology for LED and LASER production systems. In-situ monitoring with LayTec systems during the epitaxial growth process helps identify process defects at the earliest possible stage,  enhance yield and improve color uniformity by optimizing processes and enabling optimal control of key parameters.
LayTec in-situ metrology enables fine-tuning of your processes for top performance and  tight production line control. The solutions offer absolute wafer temperature readings, accurate wafer bow measurements and precise multiple wavelength reflectance with fully automated analysis. Discover the best standardized metrology system for your individual demands.

VCSELs (vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers) are currently emerging as a leading technology in rapidly expanding markets like Gesture Recognition, 3D imaging, datacomm and others. For VCSEL epitaxy, LayTec offers in-situ metrology that combines spectral reflectance (for DBR stopbands and cavity dip position sensing) with wafer temperature, growth rate and wafer bow measurements###NOHIDE###. ...more


For epitaxial growth of UV LEDs we offer in-situ metrology with significant technology advances: temperature sensing up to 1500°C, AlN buffer layer optimization, high temperature nk database for AlGaN and AlInGaN material classes, monitoring highly doped AlGaN superlattices. ...more


New in-situ results of MIT Lincoln Laboratory (USA) demonstrate optimization of quantum cascade laser (QCL) epitaxy with EpiCurve® TT. Learn more


For growth on infrared (IR) transparent substrates we offer a premium package: direct surface temperature and reflectance monitoring during GaN and SiC growth with Pyro 400


We offer proven metrology for III-N growth on silicon (Si).
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Growth of high quality GaN devices on large-scale Si(111) substrates with EpiCurve® TTEpiCurve® TT

EpiCurve®Triple TT in-situ measurement results of GaN growth on 200 mm diameter Si(111) at IMRE, Singapore: download the newsletter


For small wafers, we offer temperature and multiple wavelength reflectance monitoring with products of our EpiTT family


For large wafers when strain becoms a problem, we offer  an advanced in-situ solution: Curvature, temperature and reflectance monitoring with LayTec's EpiCurve® TT family of products