In-situ metrology for electronics: RF, power, logic & memory

The electronics market spans a broad area of specialized devices produced with different thin-film technolgies. LayTec in-situ systems have proven indispensable for optimizing material quality and obtaining run-to-run reproducibility. LayTec tools offer real-time access to key parameters of growth processes for electronic applications: strain, growth homogeneity, temperature variations and many more. Tight in-situ monitoring during the deposition / etch  process will help to enhance your yield, optimize your device processes and achieve the best device performance and uniformity.

RF HEMTs, high power transistors and diodes are electronic devices based on Si, SiGe, III-V semiconductors, and GaN structures grown on SiC or silicon substrates. The dominating growth technologies are CVD, MOCVD and MBE. LayTec’s uniquely flexible sensors are adaptable ###NOHIDE### to all of these epitaxial growth systems. ...more