EpiCurve® TT 產品系列:控制應變! 

為了克服大尺寸晶圓(4 吋、6 吋或 8 吋)的挑戰,您需要先進的 EpiCurve® TT 系統。EpiCurve® TT 結合晶圓曲率量測和所有 EpiTT 的功能:發射率校正測溫和三種波常反射率成長速度/厚度量測。此工具能助您避免破裂,讓晶圓平整,並控制溫度均勻性。各種曲率工具皆可搭配先進解析度(Advanced Resolution,AR)曲率量測工具控制晶圓弓形度的飛球面性(EpiCurve® TT AR)。

LayTec has customized and expanded EpiCurve®TT's performance for VCSEL epitaxy: an additional measurement head for spectral reflectance sensing can be mounted on a conventional EpiCurve®TT system. This allows integrating the full EpiCurve®TT performance with the spectral monitoring of DBR stop-bands and cavity dip position. ...more


LayTec 提供 EpiCurve® TT 與 EpiTT產品系列的搭配:EpiCurve®Twin TT 共有兩個 EpiTT 頭,EpiCurve®Triple TT 有三個 EpiTT 光學頭,可在獨立位置測量溫度和反射率。


對於弓形紅外線透明基板如藍寶石或碳化矽,傳統紅外線高溫計只能量測到載體溫度。LayTec Pyro 400 直接測量藍寶石和碳化矽中氮化鎵表面溫度,以直接控制氮化銦鎵多量子井層的成長。Pyro 400 搭配 EpiCurve® TT 提供您所有即時成長參數,並以藍光、綠 LED 和雷射二極體監控量子井成長。   ... 更多   ... more


對於包含 EpiCurve 光學頭的系統,Laytec 提供獨特的溫度校準工具 AbsoluT。AbsoluT為小型手持裝置,將相同的絕對溫度參考點設定在各 EpiTT 、不同晶圓環、不同反應器和不同批次進行測量,達到精準的環對環、反應器對反應器和批次間的溫度校準。    ... 更多   ...more


所有 LayTec 即時系統皆具備 LayTec 專門為製程最佳化、分析和控制所開發的軟體。我們的軟體解決方案可以在 MOCVD 晶圓廠控制多個系統,同時監控所有批次運行,並在依據先進製程控制(Advanced Process Control,APC)支援作業員決定”停線與否”。   ... 更多 ... more


EpiCurve® TT 系列的所有產品皆適用所有 MOCVD 成長系統,如具備衛星旋轉製程的系統、類面沉積製程、研發型和客製 MOCVD 成長系統等。請下載 EpiCurve® TT 規格書深入瞭解


Detecting thin-film strain in-situ during epi growth through the tiny openings of the showerhead view-ports is a challenge. However, with our advanced software algorithms, in-situ strain balancing or AlGaN lattice constant tuning is now possible with accuracy levels formerly known only for ex-situ XRD methods. ...more


LayTec 的感測器可相容於 Riber、Veeco、DCA 和 VG 的 MBE 系統。用於其他製造商產品和客製系統,可視需求提供。請下載我們的應用須知深入瞭解:適用於 MBE 的 EpiCurve® TT


To see LayTec in-situ metrology live, you can watch a video that we have taken at a customer site. In a short lab tour at FBH Berlin in Germany you will see how EpiCurve® TT and EpiRAS TT monitor LED and laser growth and help optimize the processes. ... more


Product information

Fields of application

  • GaN LED and laser diode production
  • III-Nitride growth on silicon
  • GaAs/AlGaInP/InP laser diode production
  • Triple-junction solar cell production on GaAs, Ge, Si
  • SiC for power electronics
  • R&D for new materials and devices

Product Features


  • Wafer-selective curvature measurements in the curvature range from -7000 km-1 (convex) to +800 km-1 (concave)
  • Versions with a blue laser provide measurements on double-sided polished and patterned substrates
  • Aspherical bowing curvature measurements with an Advanced Resolution (AR) option

Emissivity Corrected Pyrometry:

  • Temperature range: T = 450°C to 1300°C for large viewport systems / T = 500°C to 1400°C  for narrow viewport systems / other temperature ranges on request, e.g. 1500°C for UV LED applications, 1700°C for SiC
  • Accuracy better than 1 K
  • Wafer and area selective measurements
  • True wafer temperature for opaque semiconductors such as InP, Graphite (SbS)
  • Pocket temperature for GaN, Sapphire and SiC

Reflectance at three wavelengths:

  • 950 nm, 633 nm and 405 nm
  • growth rate, layer thickness, roughness and other layer qualities