ILMetro stations combine up to five LayTec in-line metrology systems for a comprehensive control of industrial thin film production processes by non-contact measurements. Each station can be customized to specific requirements and hence usually comprises a different combination of metrology systems.

ILMetro ist an in-line metrology station. 

Depending on the configuration, ILMetro enables monitoring key parameters of thin-film manufacturing processes such as:

  • Individual layer thickness of complex layer stacks with nm-accurace
  • Sheet resistance
  • Transmission spectrum
  • Reflectance spectrum
  • Photoluminescence spectrum
  • Chemical composition
  • Surface roughness

Uniformity information across the production line is gained by providing multiple measurement heads.
The combined evaluation of various metrology techniques enables improved process control.

ILMetro is designed for 24 / 7 operation in industrial environments. ILMetro allows full integration into all types of industrial production lines (including conveyors, roll-to-roll, clean room and process chambers) through customization of:

  • Mechanical and optical adaption
  • Communication protocols and interfaces

ILMetro is used for incoming inspection, process control, QA, pass / fail tests and binning in industries producing glass, displays, photovoltaics, printed electronics carbon fibre and other products


ILMetro R2R combines reflectance, transmittance and Eddy-current measurements for determining properties such as reflectivity, transmission layer thickness and sheet resistance. Additionally, ILMetro R2R is controlling the winding motion enabling fully automated mapping measurements of entire rolls of foil on the km-scale. Alternatively the system can also be integrated into further R2R configurations for measurements on the moving foil. For R&D or additional quality assurance purposes the system also comprises a separate compartment for hand-loaded small-scale samples. With this new product, LayTec successfully enters the market for automated inspection and mapping systems for R2R foil processing.




Product information

Fields of Application:

  • Thin-film solar cell production
  • CIGS, CdTe and a-Si-based production lines

Product Features:

  • Adaptable to every in-line process via customized optical heads and mounts
  • Spatially resolved thickness measurements through multiple heads
  • Fast data acquisition for in-line measurements on moving substrates
  • Automated film thickness analysis (incl. algorithms for rough layers and LayTec dispersion database for all PV materials)
  • PV-line software integration via Profibus, Ethernet, TCP/IP or other protocols for automated operation


Product news:

Flisom chooses LayTec for CIGS quality control