LayTec’s EpiNet Introduction | November 10 & 12, 2020

Would you like to learn more about LayTec's EpiNet software? Then join us for our webinar on 10th or 12th of November!

In this free webinar you will get an introduction to all key functionalities and updates – a great way to learn about the possibilities of this software.

The topics include:

  • A brief summery how EpiNet acquires data by using synchronized data for one full susceptor rotation
  • What you can learn from the time resolved in-situ data across all wafers
  • How wafer zone separation improves data analysis
  • How to verify correct settings and calibration
  • How to use the EpiNet Analysis recipe in remote selection by StepCode
  • EpiNet data analysis as offline and automated online
  • How to use the EpiNet analysis models
  • What is new in EpiNet 2020
  • Next steps: how to get your free time limited EpiNet 2020 demo package for testing on your computer with your own data

There will be 2 sessions

•    10th November 9am CET for our customers located in Europe and Asia

•    12th November 5pm CET for our customers located in America and Europe


For registration, please complete your online registration by November 8th. There will be limited capacity for this webinar so secure your spot early!

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