Processes - Overview

Classification of processes according to material classesThere is a huge variety of deposition processes for growing, modifying and protecing thin films on the nanometer and micron scale. Thanks to their modularity and compact size, LayTec tools can be applied to a whole number of deposition systems. The following classification will assist in your search through our website and help you find the best metrology solution for your process.

Thin film growth classification according to material classes:

1. Epitaxy-type processes - resulting in crystalline films   ... more

2. Deposition-type processes - resulting in amorphous /polycrystalline films:
    a) Vacuum deposition at low temperature - resulting in amorphous thin films
    b) Vacuum deposition at high temperature on non-crystalline substrates - resulting in
        polycrystalline thin films
    c) Chemical Bath Deposition (CBD) ... more

Thin-film growth classification based on equipment configuration:

1. Single-chamber thin-film growth
2. Multi-chamber thin-film growth
    a) on semiconductor wafers – cluster tools for maximum productivity  
    b) on large glass substrates with in-line transfer from chamber to chamber   ... more
    c) on thin metal or polymer foils – roll-to-roll processes   ... more 

Auxiliary and special processes:

1. Post-deposition thermal treatment (RTA): re-crystallization of amorphous layers
2. Encapsulation: protecting the films
3. Etching processes

LayTec offers a wide variety of metrology tools for all these kinds of pocesses. Find the best tool for your specific needs in our product portfolio