Roll-to-roll processes

High volume mass production on flexible substrates like polymer foil and metal foils is achieved by roll-to-roll manufacturing. The substrate is supplied as a roll of flexible material, which  is rolled off before the deposition source and rolled up again after deposition. Substrates with a length of up to several hundred meters can be handled in this way. Today, virtually all deposition techniques, including sputtering, chemical bath deposition and printing, are also applied in roll to-roll-processes.

In-line metrology integrated into roll-to-roll deposition systems (sputter, chemical bath deposition, OVPD coaters) control thickness, conmosition, color, conductivity.It is usually not possible to extract samples for off-line characterization during the processing of a substrate roll, and deficient layer segments are buried unnoticed inside the roll after the process. A close in-line monitoring of crucial layer properties in roll-to-roll processes is therefore even more important than in other production processes. All of LayTec’s in-line metrology systems can be used for real-time control in roll-to-roll production lines. They are integrated in roll-to-roll sputtering tools, chemical bath deposition machines and OVPD coaters, and are specifically adapted to work precisely in these environments. Operating in vacuum, high-temperature and ambient conditions, they measure layer thicknesses, composition, color and conductivity.

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