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Optimizing the manufacturing processes by tight monitoring is the most effective way  to reduce costs and improve quality. LayTec’s integrated metrology systems put powerful tools in your hands: They provide you with real-time information on what is happening in your deposition system. With this information, you  can predict and control your final device properties and ensure that out-of-spec structures are not processed further.

In-situ monitoring with LayTec systems during the epitaxial growth processes of LEDs and lasers helps enhance yield and improve color uniformity at the highest output power.    ... more


LayTec provides solutions to various growth processes for electronic applications: strain, growth homogeneity, temperature variations and many more.    ... more


We offer metrology solutions for solar cell production and other large-area thin-film applications. We have amassed comprehensive experience in the monitoring of crystalline solar cell production, multilayer compound semiconductor deposition and various novel complex materials.  ... more


For large area coating thin-film displays, controlling the layer deposition and homogeneity down to the nanometer is crucial for state-of-the art equipment. LayTec’s in-line monitoring systems measure layer thickness and thickness distribution, as well as the quality of anti-reflective coatings and color filter arrays.   ... more