NEPtune is a multi-wavelength reflectometer especially designed for wet etching in BEOL processing. Main application is the end point detection (EPD) of metal films (e.g. Copper, Titanium) for under bump metallization (UBM) and copper pillar integration processes. NEPtune includes a real-time embedded controller, which makes it ideal for reliable 24 / 7 operation in control loops.

It can be interfaced to the wet etch tool’s computer using TCP / IP (other interfaces on request).

The system can be configured for different integrati

  • OEM-integrated metrology without PC
  • Stand-alone system with PC

NEPtune’s modular platform allows to connect up to 3 metrology heads to a single controller, thus providing multiple measurement positions on the wafer.

Features and benefits:

  • End point detection in stacks of metal films
  • Providing real-time reflectance information during etching at multiple positions on the wafer, to assess process uniformity
  • Enables shorter etching cycles and improved CoO
  • Generates SPC data and run history over time to optimize production stability

Product information