Thickness and sheet resistance of conductive thin films

EddyCus® TF inline

The EddyCus® TF inline system offers contact-free real-time monitoring of deposition processes of thin-films, e.g. transparent conductive oxides using high speed eddy current measurement. It applies the method of Eddy Current Sensing and provides comprehensive conductivity/sheet resistance analysis. The system characterizes all conductive thin films including zinc oxide (ZnO), indium tin oxide (ITO) and other TCOs.
Other applications are thickness or sheet resistance measurements of metal layers or the analysis multi-layer carbon fiber fabrics regarding layup, orientation, missing bundles, or wrinkles.
EddyCus® TF inline can be integrated in almost any production line incl. vacuum chambers for 100% coverage of in-line analysis of conductivity properties. Up to 16 heads can be combined to enable tight lateral inspection even for large glass substrates. LayTec can easily adapt the system to customer’s needs for measurement ranges and dynamics. 

EddyCus® TF inline offers quality control of low and high conductive thin-films, especially TCO sheet resistivity monitoring from 0.01 - 1000Ohm/sq and thickness measurements from 5 nm.

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Product information

Fields of application:

  • Thin-film solar cell production
  • CIGS, CdTe and a-Si based production lines


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