Our reflectometer for obtaining fully automated End Point Detection (EPD) during plasma etching processes

LayTec’s TRIton is a reflectometer especially designed to obtain fully automated in-situ End Point Detection (EPD), during dry etch processes of various material systems. It may be used with different layer stacks, material/alloy compositions, initial layer thicknesses and wafer diameters.



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EtchNet® is a LayTec’s standard metrology software for etch monitoring using metrology tool of the TRIton family. It is shipped with every metrology system.

Connected metrology approaches “from epi to etch”

Combine TRIton with LayTec’s EpiCurve TT and / or EpiX metrology systems to get full control of your frontend processes.


Product Information

Fields of application:

  • EPD during ICP etching for nitrides, arsenides and phosphides
  • EPD during Atomic Layer Etching processes
  • Further processes may be addressed upon request


Product features:

  • Within layer EPD for various materials and process classes
  • Automatic and reproducible end point detection for plasma etching
  • Camera-based point and click measurement spot positioning
  • Sub-nm resolution down to 0.5nm can realized
  • Required test pad area of 0.5x0.5mm