Customized OEM solutions for MOCVD

LayTec offers OEM metrology tools that can be fully integrated into MOCVD systems and deliver comprehensive feedback control mass manufacturing. Several measurement heads simultaneously “keep an eye” on every wafer ring and all heater zones. Customer’s benefits:

  • increased reproducibility and yield
  • shorter cycle times
  • fast calibration
  • smooth communication with the growth system. 

Here are some examples:

Inside TTC is an advanced tool for emissivity corrected temperature. The tool can be directly connected with the growth system’s controller for real-time temperature control.


Inside MiniR measures reflectance at two reflectance wavelengths:  635 nm and 405 nm. Inside MiniRC additionally performs high resolution wafer bow sensing. Both systems typically consist of 3 measurement heads. Inside MiniR can be upgraded to MiniRC at any time without hardware exchange by just purchasing an upgrade license.


Due to the modularity of the metrology heads, different OEM tools can be combined with each other according to the manufacturer’s demands.

You will find an example of our OEM products in the AIX R6 product brochure.

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