OEM solutions: Integrated in-situ intelligence

As a supplier of non-destructive metrology tools, LayTec closely cooperates with manufacturers of thin-film systems to develop the best possible solutions for their process monitoring and control. Our OEM components are created and tested according to the manufacturers’ specifications and standards. This guarantees:

  • Optimal performance according to factory specs
  • Full integration and compatibility with the equipment
  • Quick replacement or upgrade of the parts
  • Fast and extensive technical support.

Here are some examples of our OEM solutions:

LayTec offers OEM metrology tools that can be fully integrated into MOCVD systems and deliver comprehensive feedback control for LED mass manufacturing. … more


LayTec’s EpiCurve® TT is applied on Evatec sputter systems for stress management of metal multi-layers for opto-electronics. EpiCurve® TT enables strain-engineering of the multi-layer structures by real-time tuning of the sputter parameters. Find more about our OEM partnership with Evatec in the Press Release.


LayTec offers in-line metrology systems that can be integrated into any solar module production line offering 100% coverage for process and quality control. The best example is X Link® - a system for non-destructive and accurate evaluation of the level of EVA or polyolefin cross-linking immediately after lamination of solar modules. ...more