Funded project: HR2Dsm

High-resoultion optical 2D strain metrology for industrial manufacturing of optical films and building block structures from ulrtra-violet to infra-red
Grant number 10157905 - EFRE

In this project, LayTec AG and ISAS jointly develop an optical imaging technique to visualize microscopic areas of tension in semiconductor layer structures. This so-called HR2Dsm method (High Resolution Optical 2D strain metrology) should achieve a resolution in the micrometer range. The aim is to establish HR2Dsm as a novel technique for quality control in semiconductor fabrication.
We use RAS (reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy) to determine growth-relevant material parameters such as tension effects in a wafer section via anisotropy and to visualize them. By analyzing several wafer sections in parallel, the method should be able to map an entire semiconductor wafer in a few minutes. HR2Dsm will work in a broad spectral range from near infrared to ultraviolet and thus enable the investigation of various materials and processes. The application potential of this method therefore exceeds semiconductor fabrication: HR2Dsm can also be used to analyze silicon oxide layer structures, polymers, or even bio-molecular structures.

Project partners:
LayTec AG