Pyro 400: Direct access to GaN and SiC temperature

A nagging problem in today’s GaN-based LED production is the inability to measure and control the real GaN surface temperature during epitaxial growth on sapphire or SiC. LayTec offers a solution with Pyro 400, which provides precise real surface temperature measurements of GaN on sapphire and of SiC, and enables direct growth control of InGaN MQW layers.

The combination of Pyro 400 and EpiCurve® TT provides you with all real-time growth parameters and the best control of LED growth in MOCVD.    ... more about EpiCurve® TT


All LayTec in-situ systems are equipped with LayTec software specially developed for process optimization, analysis and control. Our software solutions can be integrated into the whole fab to monitor all runs simultaneously and support operators making “stop or go” decisions. ... more


Product information

Fields of application:

• GaN LED and laser diode production
• III-Nitride growth on sapphire
• SiC growth
• R&D for new materials and devices
and many others

Product features:

  • Ultraviolet (UV) pyrometry for direct GaN surface temperature control
  • Strict LED emission wavelength uniformity control
  • Automated correction of viewport coating effects to enable long-lasting, 24/7 accuracy in HB-LED emission wavelength
  • Additional infrared (IR) pyrometry for pocket temperature
  • Full performance up to 1500 rpm main susceptor rotation

Product news: