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Press Releases

01. June 2017, 08:01 in PV/
CTF Solar chooses LayTec for new TF-PV fab in China

LayTec proudly announce that CTF Solar, a wholly owned company of CTIEC (part of the CNBM group), chooses LayTec’s advanced in-line process inspection system for their new 80 MW/a CdS/CdTe thin film solar cell production line in P.R. China. All key layers of the solar cell structure are monitored regarding production quality and yield.
LayTec delivers a multi-station in-line inspection system. The system inspects the incoming TCO coated float glass and generates valuable SPC data of the CdS/CdTe solar cell structure by highly precise measurement of relevant film characteristics. The multi station system is fully integrated into the production line and continuesly delivers comprehensive analytical data to the local MES host.
Tom Thieme (LayTec - director marketing & sales): ”LayTec is honored that a global leading company as CNBM, with global recognition of manufacturing front glass solar panels, is choosing LayTec’s advanced inspection systems to deliver highest quality Made in China. This decision supports the ongoing transition to move from quantity to manufacture sustainable PV cell quality. Process knowledge is here the key to success.”
Dr. Michael Harr (CTF Solar – CEO): ”CNBM has the highest demands on quality and yield for our new CdS/CdTe fab in Chengdu. The best process knowledge and deviation awareness at the earliest stage is a fundamental key stone for sustainable PV cell production and world leading quality. LayTec’s market leading technology for in-line inspection is essential for our high demands on quality and yield.”

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10. November 2016, 11:11 in LED/Laser/Power Electronics/Company News/
LayTec’s 2000th in-situ tool delivered to Compound Semiconductor Centre

LayTec is proud to deliver its 2000th in-situ metrology system since its foundation in 1999! An EpiTT with the figure 2000 in its serial number has been shipped to Compound Semiconductor Centre (CSC, Cardiff, UK) – a joint venture between compound semiconductor specialists IQE and Cardiff University.
CSC works on providing a complete capability value chain from high-end R&D through product and process innovation to high value, large-scale manufacturing. According to Dr. Wyn Meredith, Director of CSC, “This EpiTT and other LayTec systems already installed in our labs provide unrivalled precision and sophisticated analysis algorithms, which is crucial for process optimization in semiconductor manufacturing environment.”
LayTec's founder and CEO Dr. Thomas Zettler commented: "It is significant that our 2000th in-situ tool is delivered to a research institution with a strong connection to industry. LayTec has always set a great value on cooperating with both industry and R&D. Until now, we have equipped hundreds of customers worldwide with state-of-the-art metrology, mainly in the field of LED and laser production. In the last few years we also entered the PV, display and advanced silicon markets. Meanwhile, our product portfolio covers all areas of process monitoring: in-situ, in-line, lab-line and map-line metrology. Due to this market diversification, we believe to deliver the next thousand tools much faster than before. We are proud that our tools make the related industries more effective and more productive."

31. October 2016, 10:52 in PV/
Astronergy installed X Link® for in-line lamination control

LayTec is happy to annoucne the installation of its X Link® in-line at Astronergy in China! The tool is integrated into a production line of high-efficiency PV modules for in-line control of EVA or polyolefin cross-linking degree immediately after lamination. It allows for a 100% monitoring of produced PV modules. The measured data is directly fed into the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The data helps to quickly optimize lamination process for better cross-linking quality by adjusting the heating zones and the duration of lamination. The result is a perfect lamination process, which is the key to high-quality modules. The whole measurement procedure is non-destructive and does not affect the functionality of the tested modules. Learn more about X Link on our website

23. August 2016, 11:26 in PV/
REC installed X Link SAM - a mapping system for lamination control

We are proud to announce the installation of LayTec's semi automated mapping system X Link® SAM at REC in Singapore! The tool measures the degree of cross-linking at predefined positions on the module. The measured data is presented as color maps that show the uniformity of the curing state of the encapsulant across the whole module. With a measurement time of less than one minute per point,  X Link® SAM allows a fast feed-back on homogeneity in the lamination process and quick reaction on production issues. In delivery control, the tool checks the quality of the encapsulation, spotting quality issues at a glance. The whole measurement procedure is non-destructive and does not affect the functionality of the tested modules.
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14. June 2016, 11:17 in Power Electronics/Company News/
IQE equips complete fab with LayTec tools for MOCVD process monitoring

LayTec is proud to announce that IQE plc has purchased a large number of LayTec's latest metrology systems for a fab-wide MOCVD process control. In close collaboration with IQE, we have implemented automated and highly precise new analysis algorithms into our Gen3 metrology tools, which utilize an updated XRD gauged high temperature nk database of AlGaAs. This was the key to meet the demands of the world's leading compound semiconductor wafer foundry. With LayTec's in-situ metrology, the MOCVD systems of the fab can be tuned much faster to new and usually complex processes for best serving IQE's large customer base.
Matthew Geen, Engineering & Operations Director at IQE commented: ”As the global leader in wafer outsourcing IQE is committed to deliver the highest product quality standards to its customers. LayTec’s new unrivalled growth process analysis offers a compelling alternative to expensive calibration runs by enabling us to extract material parameters in-situ during production.”
According to LayTec's CTO Dr. Kolja Haberland: “LayTec is delighted to have worked closely with IQE, the world leading outsource manufacturer of epiwafers, to demonstrate the most advanced in-situ monitoring solutions and new algorithms for analysing critical growth parameters in a high volume, semiconductor manufacturing environment. Our systems cover a complete range of thin-film applications, providing access to all significant thin film growth parameters.”
We are looking forward to the first results at IQE!
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03. May 2016, 13:38 in PV/
LID Scope goes on the PV market

LayTec is proud to announce the market launch of LID Scope - the first commercially available system for simulation and monitoring of LID! LID Scope is a table-top system that helps to quantify the expected performance loss of any solar cell directly at the line or in the lab. The tool performs accelerated or real-life degradation tests fully automatically. It delivers highly reproducible results and a permanent monitoring of Voc changes by integrated metrology. These features make the tool an inevitable part of quality control and production optimization in PV industry.
LID Scope degrades cells in a well-controlled procedure with electrical current and high temperatures by applying novel physical models developed by Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics (CSP) in Germany (patent pending). For the first time, cells can be degraded in a repeatable way, which means that LID Scope offers identical LID performance control from line to line and from lab to lab.

Tobias Schenk, president of LayTec in-line GmbH, commented: “Since the LID effect has a direct influence on the price-per-watt, LID Scope will affect the negotiations of cell producers and their customers. They can now refer to ‘standardized’ degradation procedure and exactly quantify the loss, thus eliminating costly safety margins.”

Dr. Dominik Lausch, the researcher at Fraunhofer CSP, said: “Because LID is an obstacle that will threaten the PERC business, a lot of techniques have been and will be developed to prevent the loss of solar cell performance in field. With LID Scope, manufacturers can control the degree of success of these methods and optimize their production processes much faster and easier.”

Learn more about LID Scope on the product page or make an appointment with our sales team for product demonstration at one of these trade fairs:

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09. September 2015, 10:47 in PV/
REC integrates X Link® in solar panel manufacturing process for EVA encapsulation control

LayTec takes pride that its unique metrology system X Link® fulfills the stringent solar manufacturing requirements of REC. X Link® allows fast non-destructive EVA cross-linkage testing directly integrated in production processes.
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03. January 2014, 11:15 in PV/
X Link is among PV Tech's Top 10 product reviews

PV Tech - a leading international magazine on the solar PV supply chain - has published the Top 10 most popular new products launched in 2013. LayTec's X Link, which can now be integrated into laminators of Meyer Burger, ranked in 9th position and was acknowledged as the first fully integrated EVA cross-linking metrology solution that eliminates the need for destructive off-line testing. For further information please find the complete report on the PV Tech's website

30. September 2013, 10:00 in LED/Laser/Power Electronics/Research/
Compound Semiconductor reports: Boosting triple-junction yield with in-situ monitoring

In-situ monitoring provides a great deal of valuable information for developers and producers of multi-junction solar cells. It can determine interface quality; the thickness, doping level and composition of every layer as well as wafer bow. Compound Semiconductor Magazine published an article that reports about the application of LayTec’s in-situ metrology tools for development and production of concentrator photovoltaic cells (CPV). Follow this link to read the article


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